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Call about our Needlepoint Instructional Videos 410.829.7591
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Needlepoint Professional-Level Instructional Videos

Work Studies and Extended Trainings for Professional Ecclesiastical Stitcher

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This is an advanced instructional video where you will learn Nancy Lukoskie’s proprietary knowledge for finishing ecclesiastical kneelers and cushions.

During this seven-day hands-on instructional video you will learn:

  • How to set up a functional workspace
  • The necessary equipment and supplies
  • Nancy’s unique blocking method
  • Preparing the canvases for assembly
  • Preparation of materials
  • The assembly process
  • Hand & machine sewing techniques
  • Primping & preparing the finished piece for your customer

All materials are supplied for this instructional video. By request, a question and answer session is available at the end of each day.

Nancy is renowned for her quality of finishing in the church community, and she wants you to continue to provide them with the same standard of work. You will receive continuing assistance to ensure you will have the skills to be successful.

  • There will be supplemental material to assist you with techniques after you have completed the course.
  • Additional consultations are available in hourly packages.

“Eureka! I love the wall hanging! Your finished work is spectacular! The corners are perfect, the stitches are invisible. The color of the backing and loops is a great match. Thanks so much for finishing this piece for me. You did a great job.”

Patricia Lyle, Tx.