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Preservation & Restoration

Breathing New Life into an Ancient Art Form

Restoring and preserving needlework pieces becomes necessary when they are damaged or timeworn. The good news is that with the right process, you can stop further deterioration and continue to honor the legacy of the piece of art and the stitcher.

Our workshops and consultations in needlepoint restoration and preservation will teach you the principles that Fancywork Finishing has upheld over the years.

  • We will teach you to evaluate the condition of your existing piece then prepare a program for regular care and maintenance to preserve your needlepoint.
  • Analyze its potential for restoration.
  • If necessary, design a plan to replace the piece or devise a means of restoring the needlepoint to honor the original donor and stitcher.
  • Prepare appraisals for insurance coverage.

The result? A complete renaissance and new beginning for your heirlooms and liturgical art.

“I still can’t get over how perfectly the cushion fit into the bench and how beautifully it was constructed. All of that plus your advice on how to proceed was invaluable. You were a joy to work with.”

Helen Meyer
Third Presbyterian Church, Rochester, NY.