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Call about our Needlepoint Instructional Videos 410.829.7591
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Needlepoint Canvas Painting Instructional Videos

Learn how to paint-to-point your needlepoint canvas

Think of needlepoint as something much more exciting and creative than what you saw on your grandmother’s dining room chairs. Let us teach you how to embellish a design and then transfer it onto needlepoint canvas. Immerse yourself in a new experience of the creative process of design, color, paint, brushes, needlepoint canvases, and wool.

Our instructional videos are organized for a hands-on experience and an excellent way to learn in a classroom environment. Best of all…we have all materials at the studio, and you will learn in a well-lit and comfortable environment.

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Level 1: Learn the basic techniques of painting needlepoint canvas

  • Paint-to-point method
  • Create depth through use of color
  • Graphing versus free flowing painting
  • Choice and use of suitable materials
  • Marriage between wool and paint

Level 2: In-depth painting

  • How to choose colors and mix paints to achieve depth
  • Expand graphing skills
  • Composition techniques
  • Translate a design to needlepoint canvas

“Your canvas arrived this afternoon and it is superb!! I just hope that I can do justice to your beautiful work. This could be framed as is – your painting is perfection. I can hardly wait to get started.”

Nancy Huzzy
Stitcher War Memorial Chapel Kneeler
Washington National Cathedral

You will leave with the skills to do this at home!