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Instructional Videos

View our current and upcoming instructional videos.

Instructional Videos

Watch the “behind scenes” video of Nancy and her team restoring kneelers for the Washington National Cathedral.

These kneelers are installed on Prie Dieu benches at the Crossing area below the Great Choir and High Altar.

Learn how to safely clean needlepoint canvases.

Coming Soon: Learn How To Finish A Needlepoint  Knife-Edged Pillow 

Available for purchase:  I will send out an email announcing the exact time when the videos are available!  I appreciate all of your interest!  Thank you!

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This video shows Nancy finishing a knife-edged pillow.  You will learn how to finish a pillow with a professional polished look!

Video details:

  • See the materials and preparations that Nancy uses.
  • Learn how to make “self-made cording” and Nancy’s procedure for attaching the cording to the needlepoint piece.
  • See the techniques and equipment Nancy uses to achieve the “polished” look.
  • Watch as Nancy prepares the inner pillow, fills the needlepoint pillow, and shows you the hand-sewing technique that achieves a professionally finished piece.
  • The video is approximately forty minutes long and is yours to replay as often as you like.
“Since this is the last of the project pieces, it is time for me once again to express how much we appreciate your interest, concern and professionalism throughout the somewhat arduous course of creating these masterpieces. But, here we are, with a church covered in needlepoint and a happy congregation. Thank you so much for being our support throughout the whole enterprise, and your patience in helping us see it through to completion.”

Daphne Raasch
St. Martins in the Field, Philadelphia, PA