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Knife-edge Needlepoint Pillow Workshop

Finishing your needlepoint pillow
Date: July 10 or 14, 2017
1:00 pm-4:00 pm
Easton, Maryland
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Add that professional polish to your needlepoint piece. Students will work directly with Nancy to learn more about:

  • Blocking techniques
  • How to prepare your canvas for the finishing process.
  • What materials work best with different canvases
  • How to cut and prepare materials
  • Making fabric cording
  • Nancy will also share her favorite hand and machine sewing techniques.

“Since this is the last of the project pieces, it is time for me once again to express how much we appreciate your interest, concern and professionalism throughout the somewhat arduous course of creating these masterpieces. But, here we are, with a church covered in needlepoint and a happy congregation. Thank you so much for being our support throughout the whole enterprise, and your patience in helping us see it through to completion.”

Daphne Raasch
St. Martins in the Field, Philadelphia, PA