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About Nancy Lukoskie

Master Needlepoint Artisan

Nancy Lukoskie’s passion for the heritage of stitching, ecclesiastical needlepoint design, and finishing began when she was just 19. More than 38 years later, Nancy and her team at Fancywork Finishing have brought beauty and joy to many spiritual communities including the Washington National Cathedral in Washington D.C., Trinity Church Manhattan in New York City, and the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Savannah.

Nancy Lukoskie repairing a needlepoint hanging at the Washington National Cathedral.

Nancy Lukoskie repairing a needlepoint hanging at the Washington National Cathedral.

In 1979, Nancy apprenticed with June Bug Enterprises — a primary finisher for the Washington National Cathedral and many needlepoint shops in the tri-state area. During her apprenticeship, she learned skills and techniques of finishing for an array of heirlooms and newly stitched canvases. Nancy has perfected the methods over the years, focusing on the importance of preserving ecclesiastical needlepoint. “Each week we received an abundance of canvases from surrounding needlepoint shops. I was fortunate to have received a year of training to perfect the blocking process. This gave me a wonderful opportunity and foundation to learn the distinct characteristics of stitching techniques and canvases before moving on to the finishing processes.”

In 1984, Nancy became licensed and launched Fancywork Finishing to support church communities with their needlepoint projects. Her team of artisans design, paint, finish, and restore needlepoint artwork for clients based upon their ecclesiastic traditions, unique history, and spiritual symbolism. Due to her depth of experience and passion for the craft, she is also an instrumental member of the Washington National Cathedral’s Altar Guild and Preservation Committee.

Nancy’s ministry is to bring life to liturgical needlepoint and “no project is too big or too small.” She will help your church pursue and create needlepoint art to enhance the beauty within your church walls. She also helps everyday needlepoint enthusiasts by offering instructional videos fit for any skill level to design, stitch, and finish their artwork.

“Since this is the last of the project pieces, it is time for me once again to express how much we appreciate your interest, concern and professionalism throughout the somewhat arduous course of creating these masterpieces. But, here we are, with a church covered in needlepoint and a happy congregation. Thank you so much for being our support throughout the whole enterprise, and your patience in helping us see it through to completion.”

Daphne Raasch
St. Martins in the Field, Philadelphia, PA

“Nancy Lukoskie has been doing the finishing for the Washington National Cathedral needlepoint since 1984. Her work has always been perfectly executed. Things have been delivered on time and with such attention to detail that we have recommended her company without reservation to the many churches who have called our Altar Guild Needlepoint Committee for assistance on their projects. Since we expect the quality of work in the National Cathedral to be of the highest, we are delighted to have Mrs. Lukoskie’s company to depend on and we look forward to many more years of association with her company.”

Carolyn Shubatt, Chairperson
Washington National Cathedral Needlepoint Committee

“Nancy enthusiastically provided me with detailed instructions. I carefully followed them in hopes that the finished needlepoint would be the quality I had seen in England. Many members of our guild could not understand why I wanted to send the canvases halfway across the United States for blocking and mounting. The beauty and quality Nancy achieved surpassed my highest expectations. I can recommend Nancy without reservation.”

Jean Maydew
Central United Methodist Church, Albuquerque, NM

“When I sent you the pieces they had severe moth damage and badly needed to be cleaned, blocked, restored, and reupholstered. When you completed them; they looked like new. I would not believe they could be so beautifully restored if I had not seen it with my own eyes! I would be pleased to recommend you to any person or group who needed work on their institutional or ecclesiastical needlework pieces.”

Shirley Humphreys
St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Bermuda

“What a very special day it was as we celebrated the completion and dedication of the kneelers and then to share communion together at our altar with the beautiful cushions. It was a memory maker as friends and relatives were there to celebrate with us. The kneelers are truly a beautiful addition to our sanctuary. I can’t thank you enough for your guidance, encouragement and expertise in making this gift of love to our church possible. How special you are.”

Alice Anne Wells
Asbury United Methodist Church, Salisbury, MD

“After deciding to do kneelers, Davis acquired the services of artist, Nancy Lukoskie, who specializes in ecclesiastic needlepoint designs. The pair scoured campus photos, brochures and publications to decide on a theme. “It was a different project because it involved a school, not just a church,” said Lukoskie, whose clients have included the National Cathedral in Washington, DC and Trinity, Wall Street in NYC. The 12 altar kneelers tell the liturgical year as well as the school year for the students. It starts with the opening day and it ends with the closing day. They all have significant symbolism, which Nancy is very good at depicting.”

Taken from “Review” the magazine of St. James School
St. James, MD

“Everyone at Thrasher Methodist Church is so pleased with the wonderful job you did for us in finishing our altar kneelers. After many hundreds of hours spent stitching on these kneelers it is gratifying to see them look so wonderful and be so beautifully finished. If you ever need any references concerning your work, please allow me to tell what an excellent job you do.”

Robin Reynolds
Thrasher Memorial United Methodist Church, Vinton, VA

“St. Mark’s dedicated the altar cushions last week and we all have been so happy with the effect that they make. I want to thank you for your lovely finishing job and for your assistance and patience with a group of amateurs.”

Hannah Crosswhite
St. Mark’s Church, Mitchellville, Md.